Future telecom technologies playground

Following ICT evolution trends MERA has been actively developing in-depth expertise in the new generation of wireless communication standards and technologies. Once a leader in value-added software R&D services in mobile 2G/3G, the company has gone beyond and set up Innovative LTE & IMS Playground. The project has been launched by the company in order to research and develop cutting edge mobile broadband technologies (incl.LTE) and carry out IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) related projects.

The Playground Features

  • Сomprises IMS Core, EPC, LTE Access (eNodeB), app servers and terminal devices,
  • 3GPP Release 9 and ETSI TISPAN Release 2 compliant,
  • Built on OpenIMS and OpenEPC platforms by Fraunhofer FOKUS,
  • Used to prototype IMS, LTE, SON, M2M and other components and applications and create demos,
  • Integration with various third party equipment,
  • The Playground is used to prototype IMS, LTE, SON, M2M, etc. components and applications.


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